Hosting a Conference

The SLAC-WPA Executive Committee accepts proposals from institutions wishing to host an upcoming SLAC-WPA gathering in the second weekend in January. We would like to select a different host each year. We are currently seeking a host for the 2018 conference.

The annual conference runs for a day and a half, beginning on Friday afternoon and including an evening dinner, followed by a full day of workshops and discussions on Saturday, and concluding with a business meeting late Saturday afternoon. Our goal for the conference is to make the events as interactive as possible, so we’re emphasizing workshops and discussion groups. Last year’s host will be available to assist the current host as questions concerning planning and logistics arise.

Host Responsibilities 

  1. Collaborate with the Steering Committe on the conference theme and program to the extent that you choose.
  2. Secure rooms at (ideally) reduced rates for nearby hotel accommodations.
  3. Arrange for meals (reception and dinner on Friday; lunch and breaks on Saturday).
  4. Arrange for transportation (if needed) from hotel to conference site.
  5. Generate and publish the conference program; preparing a welcome packet.
  6. Secure presentation facilities.
  7. Post travel, accommodation, and registration  information to the SLAC-WPA website.
  8. Staff a registration/welcome table on Friday afternoon and evening.
  9. Liaise with local publishers.
  10. Serve on the SLAC-WPA Steering Committee for the year you host and 1-2 years thereafter.

Approximate costs to the host institution: $2000.  (This cost will vary depending on local contexts and the extent to which events are held in a hotel or on campus).

Anticipated number of attendees: 40-50

Selection Criteria:

  1. Host individuals should have attended at least one SLAC-WPA conference.
  2. Travel to the host institution should be fairly easy; ideally, the host institution will be reasonably close to a major airport.
  3. Geographic diversity: The Steering Committee makes an effort to rotate the conference to different areas of the United States so as to make the conference accessible and affordable to as many members as possible.
Applicants should submit a written proposal that includes the following information:
  1. Name(s) and Position(s) and Contact Information
  2. Institution
  3. Institution’s Location
  4. Year in which you would like to host
  5. Proposed site information (accommodations, accessibility to major airport)
  6. Discuss support available (audio visual, photocopying, wireless access, etc.)
  7. Please append a tentative budget that includes a rough estimate of the various costs of hosting (e.g., conference rooms, food, transportation) and the amount of those costs your institution is willing to absorb. This budget will allow the Steering Committee to determine registration fees.
  8. Include any other information you feel is relevant to selecting your site as host.
Deadline: March 15, 2017
Please email your proposal to:Van Hillard
Davidson College

Email Van Hillard