Executive Board Call for Nominations

The executive board is pleased to invite self-nominations for two open positions. Board members serve SLAC-WPA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the teaching of writing, in all its forms, at small liberal arts colleges.

The link to submit your nomination by September 30, 2019 is below.  Members elected to these positions will begin their terms in January 2020 and are expected to attend monthly board meetings, via conference call, during the academic year, with occasional summer responsibilities.

Vice President

The person elected to be the Vice President will serve one year in that position, two years as the President, and one year as the Immediate Past President, for a total of four years.

As Vice President they will

a. coordinate with and advise the President as requested;

b. coordinate with conference host;

c. in the temporary absence of the President, preside at meetings of the board and membership;

d. circulate reports from other board members of the organization at SLAC-WPA meetings in their absence;

e. Serve a one-year term, and assume the office of President subsequently.

As President they will

a.  assume ultimate responsibility for all organizational functions;

b.  call, plan agendas, and preside over regular board and member meetings;

c.  represent the organization in making public its organizational policies and decisions;

d.  authorize, charge, and appoint all committees, subcommittees, and task forces consistent with specifications in Section V of the by-laws

e.  in consultation with the other Executive Board members, appoint ex-officio Executive Board members;

f.  coordinate with the conference host in first year of term (VP coordinates in second year);

g. serve a two-year term (following one year as Vice President), and assume the office of Immediate Past President subsequently. 

As Immediate Past President they will

a.  in the temporary absence of the President and Vice President, preside at board meetings;

b.  assume the duties of President if the office of President becomes vacant during the current President’s term;

c.  consult and advise the President as requested;

d.  hold the office on its own or in conjunction with the offices of Secretary or Treasurer;

e.  serve a one-year term (following one year as Vice President and two years as President).


a. handles all financial transactions on behalf of SLAC-WPA;

b. pays bills and signs contracts as authorized by the executive board;

c. submits a yearly financial report to the executive board;

d. ensures that SLAC-WPA complies with all IRS regulations for maintaining 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status, including annual tax filing;

e. serves a three-year term.

We hope you will consider self-nominating for one of these positions. If you know someone who would make a good candidate, please encourage them to self-nominate, as well.

Nominations must include

  • contact information;
  • a brief professional bio (75 words);
  • a statement that describes your interest in being a member of the SLAC-WPA Executive Board (200 words).

Please submit all self-nomination information to this form by September 30, 2019.

Voting will take place October 7-October 30, 2019. Elected members will be notified shortly after voting closes, and results will be announced at the SLAC-WPA Conference in January 2020.

We are grateful for the energy and expertise of all members. We hope you will consider your potential to serve as a member of the Executive Board, and we look forward to receiving nominees’ materials.