Executive Board Candidate Information

Candidate for Vice President

Noreen Lape is Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Director of the Writing Program at Dickinson College. She also directs the Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center, which offers writing tutoring in eleven languages. Her writing program has won the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence and the SLAC-WPA Martinson Award of Excellence in Writing Program Administration. Her book Internationalizing the Writing Center: A Guide to Developing a Multilingual Writing Center is forthcoming from Parlor Press.



Candidate Statement: After working as a writing center director at a mid-sized, southern university, I came to Dickinson College in 2009. I was already active in IWCA and had attended the 2007 Summer Institute where I became part of a network of writing center directors; soon after, I became more active in CCCC. My most significant professional association, however, was and continues to be SLAC-WPA. In SLAC-WPA I found a collaborative group of colleagues who provided strategies for navigating not only life at a SLAC but also a discipline that sometimes regards us as “small.” At the time, I was surprised by our marginalization because as a WPA at a SLAC, I spent much more time on creative endeavors (and less time on bureaucratic obstacles) than I did when I worked at a “big” school. Should I be elected Vice President, I would challenge our “smallness” and highlight our common liberal arts ethos, especially the creative and original work that comes from a culture that stresses interdisciplinarity and, at the same time, resists the creation of silos. I would speak for the innovations that arise from a liberal arts environment whose very smallness enables us to think big.