The Small Liberal Arts Colleges Writing Program Administrators supports the teaching of writing at small liberal arts colleges, where curricular histories, a spirit of open inquiry, residential living, and small class size present opportunities to teach writing that accords with the intellectual, scholarly, and civic values typically associated with liberal education. Because liberal arts curricula invite students to experience the writerly traditions associated with the production of knowledge across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and prepare students for lives of leadership and service, our institutions value writers who can adapt their discourses to specific occasions, audiences, and purposes.

SLACWPA is action oriented. It meets annually to address issues that emerge in administering writing programs, writing centers, and other projects aimed at supporting writing across the disciplines.  The organization disseminates commentary and research on administrative pragmatics and current practices associated with writing as a liberal art, with the goal of speaking with a nationally-inflected collective voice.