Martinson Subcommittee

The Martinson Award, named in remembrance of Deborah Martinson, recognizes an innovative and successful initiative in a writing program or writing centerĀ from a SLAC-WPA member college. The Martinson Committee reads nominations and seeks further information from nominees before selecting the Martinson awardee. Nominations are due June 15 annually, and the committee convenes in late-June through early-July to select the awardee. The workload is relatively light (no more than 5 hours total) and is enjoyable, enabling committee members to learn more about the good work of fellow SLAC-WPA members. The committee chair communicates with the SLAC-WPA Board, writes the awardee letter, and normally is the person who presents the award at the annual SLAC-WPA conference in January. We are currently seeking members for the Martinson Subcommittee; if interested, please contact Meredith McCarroll, President, at

Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee currently 1) coordinates collaborative publication opportunities for SLAC-WPA members, 2) maintains a blog that publishes short pieces from members, and 3) shares information on relevant publication and presentation CFPs from other sources. We invite new members who are excited about creating additional projects and collaborating with members across the organization on their scholarly work. For more information on the subcommittee’s projects, please visit the Publications Subcommittee blog.